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    Hands On. The Best Way to Learn About Flight. Hands Down.

    Our Take Flight! education programs are grade specific – designed to complement the student curriculum for science, social studies, history, art and language arts. Leave the teaching to us by handing the controls over to our enthusiastic museum educators!

    Adventure and innovation meet in our unique setting where aircraft, artifacts and exhibits are used as teaching tools.

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    How Does That Thing Fly?: Grade 6 (Two hours)

    The best place to learn about flight science is at our Museum – immersed in airplanes! Students are amazed by the aircraft and the stories that come to life which captivate them in real-life situations and examples of Bernoulli’s principle, aeronautic classification, control services, the four forces of flight and lighter-than-air flying devices. Students reach new heights in the science of aviation in a fun and interactive environment.

    Whether the Weather is…: Grade 5 (Two hours)

    Discover the wonders of weather! Visit our Flight Deck and featured tour of our hangar listening to the stories of aviators and the impact of weather on planes and flight. Our presentation discusses weather’s effect on humans and animal activities, properties of air and weather fronts, public weather reports and forecasting, weather dangers, personal safety and much more. Even build your own weather instrument and learn how to use it.

    Geografun: Grade 4 (Two hours)

    Geography of Canada is fun as it comes to life in a high-energy game and a special tour discovering the new James A. Richardson exhibit featuring a Canada map and interactive activities highlighting elements of cartography, the physical geography of Manitoba, Canada and the North and the mapping of Canadian provinces, territories, capital cities and natural features.

    Connecting with Canadians: Grade 3 (Two hours)

    Connecting with Canadians! Social studies comes to life through an interactive story that explores citizenship, the difference between rights and responsibilities, what influences identity, forms of leadership, conflict resolution, decision making and bullying. Canadian stories are shared on a tour and through a creative art project highlighting curriculum-based principles where participants discover their own Canadian character. Join us as we explore Canada as a community of the world and its impact on the aviation industry.

    Stopping and Going: Grade 2 (Two hours)

    Build a Lego plane and explore “Position and Motion” with a hands-on, high-energy presentation and a tour of the hangar to tie it all together. This dynamic and interactive session explores objects in motion and objects at rest. Leave with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of motion.

    Marvelous Materials and Objects: Grade 1 (Two hours)

    The science of characteristics of objects and materials is demonstrated in a fun and interactive experience. Students discover the marvelous materials that objects (and planes!) are made from and the fascinating fasteners that connect them. Students tour the historical hangar and rediscover the concepts learned as it applies to aircraft. We also explore the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

    Special Interest Programs

    Airports Away!: (Two hours)

    Go on a crazy airport adventure! Trek through the museum to explore the different jobs of airplanes and vehicles at the airport, then head to our Flight Deck and Skyways Interactive Gallery to learn about the exciting things that go on at a real airport through dramatic play.

    Bubble Trouble:  (Two hours)

    Students will explore the science of the coolest flyers…bubbles! They will learn about geometric shapes while building their very own bubble machines.

    Designiacs: (Two hours)

    After learning about what makes planes tick (and fly!), students use their imagination to design and build their own aircraft. Then, they test stability with exciting aerial crash tests. It’s a proactive exercise that encourages action planning, group decisions, communication and creativity.

    Ghost of Charron Lake: (Two hours)

    Missing for over 70 years, the airplane nicknamed the Ghost of Charron Lake has recently been recovered from northern Manitoba affording us a valuable lesson in Canadian aviation history. Students will become archaeological ghost-busters by finding, excavating and preserving plane components.

    Program Fees:

    • A minimum of two adults per 25 students is required
    • Two-hour programs are $4.50 ($4.29 +GST) per student
    • Four-hour programs are $7.00 ($6.67 +GST) per student
    • Adult cost: $5.00 (GST included)
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    Booking Contact:

    *Cancellations may be subject to a fee.

    Planner Notes:

    • Programs are developed by our education specialist and delivered by our trained museum educators
    • Open weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm for flexibility in school program planning
    • Groups of any size can be accommodated
    • Lunchrooms with tables and chairs available
    • Our venue offers:
      • Free parking
      • Wheelchair accessible
      • Ample washroom facilities

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