Article: Ghosts of Flight 401

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    Original Story by Chris Parsons, aka Chris without the Hat

    The ghosts of flight 401 is a popular story that has received a lot of attention. There are many witnesses to the story and undeniable authenticity as well. Perhaps you’ve read the accounts. If you haven’t, read on and then decide: Do the ghosts of flight 401 really exist?

    On December 29, 1972, an Eastern Air Lines Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar was attempting to land at Miami International Airport carrying 163 passengers and 13 crew when something went wrong. A little green light bulb had burnt out in the cabin, which, at first, you would not expect to be that big of a problem. However, this was the light bulb that indicated whether or not the landing gear was down. While the crew was busy trying to troubleshoot the problem, the fact that the autopilot was set on a slow descent went unnoticed.

    Seventy-seven people survived the crash. Among the fatalities were the pilot, Bob Loft and the flight engineer, Don Repo. Parts of the aircraft were salvaged from the crash site and re-used on other Tristar’s. Since then, the spirits of Don Repo and Bob Loft have been seen on more than 20 different occasions, and on different Tristar’s, by multiple witnesses. All of the Tristar’s that have had these ghostly visits had parts from the Eastern Air Lines Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar.

    Most often it has been Don Repo that has been seen sitting in the first-class cabin. At times, he would simply appear and then vanish into thin air. On one occasion, Bob Loft spoke to two flight attendants and slowly vanished while in discussion with them. The incident left the flight attendants so shaken up that the flight was cancelled.

    On another flight in which the plane contained L-1011-1 salvaged parts, Bob Loft appeared in front of a flight engineer and said, “You don’t need to worry about the pre-flight, I have already done it.” Loft’s ghost once remarked to a pilot, “There will never be another crash. We will not let it happen.”

    Eastern Airlines denies any validity of the aircraft hauntings and warned their employees at the time that they would be dismissed if they were caught spreading ghost stories. Despite Eastern Airlines’ strong opposition to these ghostly sightings, it was decided that all salvaged parts from L-1011-1 be removed from the airplanes that borrowed them.

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  • frank

    If I was flying I think I would rather feel more secure with a ghost reassuring me that they wouldn’t let another flight crash occur than a living pilot hoping we have a good flight “hoping” me a “good flight”. As opposed to “Hi, I’ve returned from the dead to assure you that we won’t allow our mistakes to be repeated and you are going to arrive at your destination safe and well”. I say reinstall the parts.

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