Avro Canuck, CF 100

  • Status: Not on display

    The “Clunk”

    Avro built 692 CF 100s for the RCAF between 1950 and 1958. The aircraft equipped Canada’s 13 front-line, all-weather fighter squadrons. The Canuck was affectionately known in the RCAF as the ‘Clunk’ because of the noise the front landing gear made as it retracted into its well after takeoff. Its less attractive nickname was the ‘Lead Sled.’

    The armament consisted of various combinations of machine guns and air-to-air rockets, both guided and unguided. RCAF 18674 is a MK5 variant of the CF-100. It normally had a pod which carried 29″ (62 mm) unguided rocket missiles on each wingtip. This particular aircraft has fuel tanks rather than rocket pods on its wingtips. If it were to carry machine guns they would have been housed in a retractable tray in the belly.

    This aircraft was taken on strength by the RCAF in 1958 and served with the 416 and 425 Squadrons. The CF-100 proved to be a very effective aircraft for the RCAF.


    • Wingspan: 18.54 m (60′ 10″)
    • Length: 16.51 m (54′ 2″)
    • Height: 4.45 m (14′ 7″)
    • Weight: 15,241 kg (33,600 lbs)
    • Engines: Two 3,311 kg (7,300 lbs) thrust Avro Canada Orenda 11 Turbojet
    • Max. Speed: 480 knots, M.84 892 km/h (554 mph)
    • Cruise Altitude: 12,192 m (40,000 ft) plus
    • Ceiling: 14,630 m (48,000 ft)
    • Max. Range: 3,219 km (2,000 miles)

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