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    Image of Canadair Tutor, CL-41

    This aircraft, Canadair Tutor CT-114, tail number 114004 was added to the museum’s permanent collection on September 29, 2015.

    The first CT-114 rolled out the door of Canadair’s Montreal plant in 1963 and, by the time production was terminated in 1967, 190 Tutors were dedicated to service in the RCAF.

    The Canadian Forces Snowbirds (431 Air Demonstration Squadron) is a Canadian icon, comprised of serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Their pilots and technicians work as a team to bring thrilling performances to the North American public. The Canadair Tutor was designed as the first jet trainer for the RCAF.

    The CT-114 Tutor is a conventional all-metal, low-wing, single-engine, turbo-jet aircraft designed for the training of student pilots. It features side-by-side ejection seats for a crew of two in a pressurized and air conditioned cockpit. The majority of the services are electrically operated, but the landing gear, wing flaps, speed brakes, nose wheel steering and wheel brakes are hydraulically operated. The aircraft is certified for Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions and is equipped with all necessary instrumentation for navigation, instrument and night flying training. The engine, a 2,700-lb thrust turbojet, was produced under licence by Orenda Aerospace.

    CT-114 Tail Number 114004

    This particular aircraft in the museum’s collection is the fourth Canadair Limited CL-41A Tutor (manufacturer’s number 1004). Taken on charge by the RCAF on February 7, 1964, it was given RCAF serial number 26004 and assigned to 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

    On 29 November 1965 the aircraft was re-classified as a non-flying Instructional Airframe and given the new registration number of A702, meaning essentially a complete aircraft with an operating engine. Instructional airframes were used to train mechanics on all components of the aircraft, and used to practice maintenance procedures or aircraft modifications before applying them to actual flying aircraft.

    After unification of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968, the original RCAF registration number was changed from 26004 to 114004, the “114” prefix indicating the type of aircraft, in this case the CT-114 Tutor.

    After many years of service under the skilled hands and eyes of trainee technicians and instructors, this aircraft was converted to museum status in 1994 and transferred to 17 Wing, Winnipeg.

    Tail Number 114004 did not actually serve with the Snowbirds, as it was taken out of flying service in 1971, shortly before the unit was formed. However, it is painted in the Snowbirds’ familiar colour scheme of silver, red, blue and white.

    IMG_7015-Tutor-RAMWCCopyright IMG_7018-Tutor-RAMWCCopyright


    • Canadian Registration: CT-114
    • Manufacturer: Canadair
    • Crew/Passengers: Two pilots in ejection seats
    • Power Plant: Orenda J-85 CAN-40 Turbojet with 2,950 lbs thrust
    • Maximum Speed: 486 mph (782 km/h)
    • Service Ceiling: 42,200 ft (12,863 m)
    • Range: 940 m (1,563 km)
    • Weight: 4,895 lbs (2,220 kg) empty, 7,397 lbs (3,335 kg) gross
    • Length: 32 ft (9.75 m)
    • Height: 9 ft, 4 in (2.84 m)
    • Wingspan: 36 ft, 6 in (11.13 m)
    • Armament: None, but provisions for under-fuselage tanks

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