Fokker Super Universal, CF-AAM

  • Status: On display


    From Royal Mail to Mail Order Brides

    In the 1930s, CF-AAM was stationed in B.C., flying mail to the Yukon, joining communities together for the first time. Mail order brides were transported in her cabin, as tales of pilot heroics and tragedies pursued. The first life of CF-AAM ended in a crash at the Dawson City Airport. However, our restoration crews delight in being able to piece together parts from salvaged aircraft, fabricate missing pieces to original specifications and see the results come to fruition on display.

    CF-AAM – a Fokker Super Universal – was reconstructed using the parts of four wrecked airplanes. After a 18-year road to restoration, this Fokker first flew on July 24, 1998, but it took another year of proof and paperwork to gain a coveted Certificate of Airworthiness. The aircraft had an eight-year tour on the vintage aircraft circuit, making appearances all over North America, covering over 35,000 miles before coming “home” to rest at the museum in 2005.


    • Wingspan: 50′ 8″
    • Length: 36′ 7″
    • Gross weight: 5,150 lbs, later models 5,550 lbs; empty weight landplane 3,000 lbs
    • Engines: 420 hp Pratt & Whitney “Wasp”
    • Cruise speed: Maximum speed wheels 138 mph; cruising speed (factory brochure) 118 mph; cruising speed skis 105 mph
    • Fuel capacity: 150 imp gallons
    • Maximum range: Approximately 700 miles
    • Price: At factory, $22,450 float equipped, while the price of a Ford automobile was $275 (1928)

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