Lieutenant Governor’s Preservation and Promotion Awards

  • On September 8, 2020, Executive Director Emeritus Shirley Render, and Museum Volunteer Gordon Crossley, were two of five individuals who were awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Historical Preservation and Promotion Award!
    “In every community, in every city and town, there are individuals who devote their time and expertise to preserving documents, creating historical studies, restoring or maintaining historical buildings and artifacts, bringing the past to life in schools, museums and historic sites, and advocating for historical understanding,” said Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon, who presented the awards in person, “The dedication of the five individuals being honored is even more meaningful in this, the 150th anniversary of the province’s entry into confederation. It is a pleasure to celebrate their commitment to ensuring Manitoba’s rich history is kept alive.”
    Congratulations to Shirley and Gordon on this tremendous honour!

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