Sneak peak of the new Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

  • As we head into spring and Manitobans looking forward to summer vacation, we’ll be looking forward to seeing construction of our new museum begin! The first shovel will hit the ground on May 1, signifying the official start of seeing our brand new, state-of-the-art Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada come to life.

    Here’s a sneak peak of what we we have planned for our exterior so far:

    View one: As you drive up for your visit to the new Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, here’s the first thing you’ll see.

    View two: After that, you’ll make your way to our main entrance located on Wellington Avenue.

    View three: But don’t forget about our west side exterior—it’s just as great as the rest.

    Want to see it all together? Take a look at the aerial mock-up below.

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3 Responses and Counting...

  • Steve Jurkowski

    This is great! I can’t wait!

  • Terrance Chenard

    Beautiful! Can’t wait will you be hiring any staff? When opening approaches?

  • Martin Myers

    I’m glad to see this going ahead & hope Covid19 doesn’t slow you down too much. I’ve been to the old location several times, as the old TCA hanger is where my father, George Myers started as a mechanic for TCA in 1941. I was last there with the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association a few years ago with an art display. Our web site is The collection is unique, especially with the Fairchild Super 71. Good luck with your project. All the best, Martin Myers

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