Vickers Viscount

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    When Passenger Travel Was Glamourous

    Trans-Canada Air Lines was the first airline in North America to use turboprop aircraft. Not long after, many other American passenger airlines discontinued the use of piston-engined aircraft in favour of this new technology.

    This British-built aircraft was operated by Trans-Canada Air Lines (later Air Canada) and entered into service in April, 1955, on scheduled flights between Montreal and Winnipeg.

    The turboprop Viscounts were favoured for their speed, quietness and lack of vibration. The fleet of 51 Viscounts were used on all of TCA’s short-haul routes. This Viscount is likely intimately familiar with its home, as it operated from TCA’s Winnipeg hangar (now the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada) for many years.

    The tail fin is higher than the hangar doors, so in order to move the aircraft in and out of the hangar, the nose wheel had (has) to be jacked up. TCA had a special jack for this purpose. It is on display adjacent to the Viscount. The aircraft on display was delivered to TCA in February, 1958 and was used until May, 1971. It found its permanent home at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in 1984.



    • Wingspan: 28.55 m (93′ 8″)
    • Length: 24.94 m (81′ 10″)
    • Height: 8.46 m (27′ 9″)
    • Engines: Four 1,450 hp Rolls Royce Dart 506 Turboprops
    • Cruise Speed: 507 km/h (315 mph) at 4,267 m (14,000 ft.)
    • Max. Range: 2,414 km (1,500 miles)
    • Passengers: 48


5 Responses and Counting...

  • Blair Davidson

    I was fortunate to fly in a Viscount in July 1969.
    The large oval windows are what remind me of the Vickers Viscount
    to this day.

  • Dale Sands

    I flew in them as a child until just about the time Air Canada stopped using them but walking through it as an adult it wasn’t quite as spacious as I remember.

  • Liam Smith

    Wow! It was really nice… I was there a few days ago, and I learned to fly a Beechcraft trainer!

  • Jim Pleace

    Dale you were little at the time-it all looked big. Those large oval windows gave quite a view from what I understand. Even though I lived in the flight path for Pearson Intl, I never got to ride in them

  • Paul Brazeau

    The last time I flew on a Viscount was on Royal Nepal Aiines from Kathmandu to Patna in 1972
    The view of the Himalayas was incredible. The Viscount was a great aircraft

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