Voodoo, CF-101

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    In Defense of the North

    As a supersonic, all-weather interceptor, the twin-engine, two-place Voodoo provided high speed, excellent climb performance and a very good combat radius and ceiling, plus additional flexibility in replacing the CF-100.

    The Voodoo’s primary armament was nuclear AIR-2A Genie unguided air-to-air rockets, and there was significant political controversy in Canada about their adoption. Although they never fired a weapon in anger, the CF-101 served as Canada’s primary means of air defence throughout their service life from Quick Reaction Alert facilities at Canadian airbases.

    Used almost exclusively in the NORAD defence role, the aircraft proved to be a safe and reliable weapons platform until replaced by the McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet in the mid-eighties.

    The CF-101 Voodoo was operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Forces between 1961 and 1984. They were manufactured by the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri for the United States Air Force (as F-101s), and later sold to Canada. CF-101s replaced the obsolete Avro CF-100 in the RCAF’s all-weather fighter squadrons.


    • Wing area: 368 sq ft (34.18 sq m)
    • Length: 20.55 m (67′ 5″)
    • Height: 5.49 m (18′)
    • Empty Weight: 18,097 kg (39,900 lbs)
    • Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney J-57-P53/55 Turbojets with 11,990 lbs thrust and 14,990 lbs (A/B)
    • Armament: Two MB-1 Genie nuclear tipped rockets and two GAR 2A Falcon missiles
    • Service ceiling: 15,545 m (51,000′)
    • Range: 2,494 km (1,550 miles)
    • Max. Speed: 1,220 kts (1,963 km/h)

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  • Rubens Florentino Junior

    What???? Air to air NUCLEAR rockets???? Did they need to be nuclear????

  • Alain Houle

    The Voodoo carried 2 Nuclear weapons (Genies) they were air to ground weapons’
    And 2 Air to Air rockets they were call M4D heat seeking missiles
    Hope this answer your question

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