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Anniapik Weetaluk

Anniapik Weetaltuk – The story of Canada’s first Indigenous Flight Attendant

Ann Weetaltuk became Canada’s first Indigenous flight attendant when she was hired by Manitoba-based TransAir in 1958. Ann made a habit of breaking boundaries, both as a woman and as a person of indigenous ancestry, throughout her long and varied …

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stylized image of carrier pigeons with a black and white image of their handler in the background

Carrier Pigeons

Winging it in the Uncharted North: A Pilot’s Communications Lifeline At the Civil Government Air Ops Vedette bases in Lac du Bonnet, Victoria Beach, or La Ronge in the 1920s, working side-by-side with the pilots was a full-time pigeoneer, tending …

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stylized collage image of verdette - plane that started it all

The Plane that Started it All

“What happened to the Vedette? Are there still any flying?”  This single inquiry by founder Doug Emberley around the family’s dinner table set off a chain of events that led to the creation of the Western Canada Aviation Museum, the …

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