Taking Flight to a New Location

We are pleased to announce that the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is moving to a stunning new location. Effective October 24, 2018, the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada closed operations at its Ferry Road facility and will reopen at its new location in late 2021.

The new Museum will be located on the Winnipeg Airports Authority’s campus on Wellington Avenue and within minutes of the James A. Richardson International Airport terminal. It will be a premier architectural attraction for the visitors who arrive in Winnipeg, and for the families and friends who meet them at the airport.

The new Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada will contain both a foundation of history and a new mix of engaging and educational spaces that interpret the future of aviation and aerospace.

Construction Webcam July 5 2020
Construction Webcam July 13 2020
Construction Webcam July 20 2020
Construction Webcam July 30 2020
Construction Webcam August 3 2020
Construction Webcam August 10 2020
Construction Webcam August 17 2020
Construction Webcam August 24 2020
Construction Webcam August 28 2020
Construction Webcam August 31 2020
Construction Webcam September 8 2020
Construction web cam September 14 2020
Construction web cam September 17 2020

Royal Aviation Museum Construction Site, July 5 – Sept 4, 2020

Thank You!

We’d like to thank our visitors and all our stakeholders for their support and belief in our organization. This is a unique and transformational time in the Museum’s history.

This project would not be possible without the generosity of many funding partners including $10 million from the Government of Canada, and $10 million from the Province of Manitoba as well $17.5 million from the private sector.