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When our founders set out on this journey, they were driven to preserve the history of bush flying in western and northern Canada. The museum they ended up building is so much greater in scope. They amassed a staggering collection that includes bush planes, military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and more than 70,000 artefacts.

Now, building on the incredible work these visionaries did to build a world-class collection, we can shuttle the museum into a new era.

The new Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is a place for discovery, education, entertainment, and inspiration. It is also a place to highlight diverse voices, including – and especially – the vital stories from Indigenous communities that shaped and were touched by aviation development. With the support of our Indigenous partners, we are committed to truth and reconciliation and to creating a safe space where reconciliation can occur.

On behalf of the museum’s board and all our team members and volunteers, I am so excited to welcome you into our new space to experience our transformation.


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Terry Slobodian
President & CEO, Curator

President & CE, Curator

Terry Slobodian in front of red fighter jet, welcoming you to the Royal Aviation Museum
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