Event: Airborne Art Project

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    Let your fancy take flight in our Airborne Art Project—a new, creative collaboration with the arts community. The project will provide artists with exposure for their work and contribute to the museum’s regular fundraising programs. Here’s how the project will work…
    • With storage areas bursting to the seams with surplus airplane parts, we’re asking the art community to bring new life to these unique pieces of “canvas.” A Cessna Crane door, a Musketeer nose cone, a wind speed indicator – the parts are vintage raw materials.
    • Let your imagination soar and once you’ve created your masterpiece, bring it back to the museum. Your art may be sold in our Windsock Gift Shop, during a special event at the museum, or at our silent auction at our Out of the Blue Gala.
    • Our popular and regularly sold-out Gala is our major fundraising event of the year. Out of the Blue takes place in our hangar surrounded by historic aircraft and is well supported by the business community. It offers excellent exposure for artists.
    • In June, 2015, we will have two historic aircraft, a B-17 Flying Fortress, and a B-25 Mitchell Bomber visiting the museum for a week-long event. Artwork will be on display throughout the event which we anticipate will be attended by well over 10,000 visitors.
    • The Airborne Art Project will be promoted in our other communications as well throughout the period.
    • If you’re an artist and are interested in breathing new life into a vintage aircraft part, please contact the museum by December 12, 2014. Your masterpiece should be returned to the museum by May 29, 2015 so we may include it in our summer and fall fundraising events.

    Interested? Please reach out to us:

    Please email by Friday, December 12, 2014… Brenda Hudson at Admin2@RoyalAviationMuseum.com or Pam McKenzie at Programs@RoyalAviationMuseum.com to make arrangements to pick up your raw materials. The early bird gets the best choice of materials! Your artistically enhanced piece should be returned to the museum by Friday, May 29, 2015 so we may include it in our summer and fall fundraising events.

    The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is a charitable, not-for-profit museum dedicated to the preservation, presentation and promotion of Canada’s aviation heritage.


    • Artists are responsible for all other materials related to their art project.
    • Materials taken from the museum remain the property of the museum.
    • Materials must be returned if inspiration fails.

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  • Dave Benson

    What a great project.

  • Tatiana Gregoryanz

    I am so happy that I was able to take part in this project. I have learned quite a bit about aviation and its history, and had fun making these unusual art pieces.

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