Article: TCA Buys Freighters

  • Image of Trans-Canada Air Lines Bristol Freighter

    March, 1953, Aviation and Airport

    Trans-Canada Air Lines has placed orders through the Bristol Aeroplane Company of Canada for three Type 170 Freighters. Negotiations were started with Bristol last July and the agreement to purchase was reached during December; delivery is expected in September of this year. The aircraft will be put into service immediately following receipt.

    Plans call for the initial use of the Freighters on a scheduled five-round-trips per week on the Montreal-Toronto-Winnipeg route. TCA officials say that the cargo capacity available on their other scheduled routes is sufficient to meet the current demand without running special cargo aircraft such as the Freighter.

    Meantime, the ATB’s hearing has been held in Ottawa on CPA’s application to operate scheduled trans-continental air cargo service between Montreal and Vancouver, via Toronto, The Pas, and Edmonton. The decision, not yet handed down, will be a tough one to make. TCA, which has a monopoly on the east-west passenger and cargo services, figures that CPA’s proposed service would be the thin edge of the wedge, and so fought vigorously against the granting of the application.

    CPA, on the other hand, feels that it would not be duplicating any TCA service. It thinks that it can generate a sufficient volume of cargo traffic between the co-terminals Montreal/Toronto and Vancouver to make profitable the operation of two all-cargo DC-6A’s on three round trips per week. This works out to something like 45 tons capacity in each direction. This thinking is in direct contrast to TCA, which claims that the comparatively limited cargo capacity of its passenger-carrying North Stars can more than meet the demand.

    If CPA’s application is granted, it will start service with two DC-4’s pending delivery of its two new DC-6A Liftmasters.

    This article originally appeared in the March, 1953 edition of Aviation and Airport magazine.


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