Aviation Stories



Thomas Guiboche

In the summer of 1983, I invented this unique product, and in 1985 I sketched it on paper and took these product sketches to the Technology Centre on Lagimodiere Ave (Hwy 59) across from the mint and showed an engineer named Christina my sketches of mankind ability to fly with a bird type mechanical flipping wing gear propulsion system. She quickly looked at my many product sketches and gave them back to me and said ” I want you to not spend another minute on this project” and I asked why she stated the smartest men who ever lived all tired and failed on this project and human flight is not possible and I said the technology needed in their day was not available. She said humans flying like a bird is not possible. I thanked her for her time and went home and put these first of many product sketches in a long-term storage box and they are still there. I did not show anyone else these sketches. Thank you for your time, anything is possible if you believe in your creative ideas and you may just change the world for the better for all mankind.


Thomas Guiboche Drawing 1
Thomas Guiboche Drawing 2


Bob Starratt

Bob Starratt and the Red Lake Gold Rush

When Robert Starratt arrived at Hudson, Ontario, with his wife Iris and their children in April 1926, the town was little more than a train station isolated in the forests of northern Ontario.  Gold, tons of it, had been discovered the previous year, locked in the 2.5 billion-year-old rock of the Canadian Shield and thousands …

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Konnie Johannesson

Konnie Johannesson – Winnipeg’s Golden Boy

The first airplane to fly over Winnipeg took off from the Dufferin Avenue fairground on a July afternoon in 1911.  Among the observers was 14 year old Konrad Johannesson.  Konnie, as he was known to friends, snuck away from the crowd to get a close look at the Curtiss Pusher ‘flying machine’ and, before he …

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